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    If they do web series,
    perhaps so should you.

    If Jerry Seinfeld, Lisa Kudrow, Joss Whedon, Steve Buscemi and Captain Kirk have all made web series, perhaps you should give it a go, too.

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Before this course, I felt uneducated about webseries. Now I have a great insight into something we can watch for free, on demand.
This course also gave me direction on how to see a project through, from writing to post production, in an affordable way.

-Benjamin Beed

      History of the           Web Series
To understand the current state of the web series, it is useful to see how it originated. We look at some early web series, and how the format changed over the years.
      Genre and               Typology
Web series can be categorised in many ways. We look at what definitions and distinctions are relevant and which genres work as a web series.
      Developing            and Writing
In this module, we will look at how to develop and write a web series, and what are the requirements in terms of concept, character, structure and dialogue.
      Financing and          Marketing.
Some web series are made just for fun. Others, to make an income. In this module we look at the financing of your web series through crowd funding.

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